Fred Rogers’ Widow Shares How He Used Fart Jokes to Amuse Her at Boring Events

Fred Rogers, the beloved host of the groundbreaking children’s show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, is renowned for his deep compassion and commitment to educating kids on humanitarian issues. However, amidst his saintly portrayals, there lies a mischievous side to this iconic figure. In a candid interview with Joanne Rogers, Fred’s widow, we learn about an amusing aspect of the late TV host – his penchant for passing gas in public to amuse his wife.

Fred Rogers’ Quirky Sense of Humor

As per his wife’s account, Mister Rogers enjoyed adding a touch of humor to mundane gatherings by letting out gas. | Image Source: PBS

Joanne shares delightful anecdotes of how her esteemed husband used to entertain her at events they attended together. To ward off the boredom, Fred Rogers had a playful and endearing way of keeping Joanne amused. He would cheekily raise one side, flash a smile, and let out a fart, bringing laughter and joy to his wife’s face.

Embracing Humanity

Joanne’s openness about her husband’s off-screen antics showcases her desire to humanize Fred Rogers and avoid unrealistic saintly portrayals. It reminds us that even great personalities have relatable human quirks. Fred’s legacy of kindness towards others shines even brighter when seen alongside these candid moments.

The Movie and Unexpected Bonds

A photo of Fred Rogers.
A photo of Fred Rogers.

The movie “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood” is based on the true story of Fred Rogers’ relationship with journalist Tom Junod during an assignment for Esquire in 1998. Initially, Tom aims to uncover a darker side of the beloved TV host, but instead, they form an unexpected bond that changes Tom’s outlook on life.

Fred Rogers’ Impact

Josie Carey and Mister Rogers are seen shooting a scene in The Children’s Corner, with Daniel S. (Striped) Tiger over Carey’s shoulder and King Friday XIII to Rogers’ right.

Fred Rogers’ educational children’s program tackled complex and important topics, such as divorce, racism, and physical disabilities. His genuine compassion resonated with audiences, leaving a lasting impression on the hearts of countless viewers.

Separating Fact from Fiction

Despite his kindness, Mister Rogers faced outlandish rumors, including claims of being a Navy sniper and covering up tattoos with sweaters. Such myths only highlight the difficulty in separating the man from the myth.

A Lasting Legacy of Fred Rogers

Fred’s efforts to guide and educate young minds through his children’s show were immortalized in the documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” While the Oscars snubbed the film, Joanne remains focused on preserving Fred’s legacy, ensuring his mission continues to inspire and impact future generations.


Fred Rogers’ story is a testament to the power of compassion, kindness, and embracing our humanity. Beyond the iconic children’s show, he remains a symbol of empathy and genuine love for others.

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