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History of Battleship Island

Abandoned in 1974, Battleship Island was once the most densely populated place in the world. Although its real name is Hashima, its resemblance to a warship when viewed from above has earned the island the nickname Battleship Island, the

The Mighty Roman Forum History

Roman Forum is one of the most important historical sites left from Ancient Rome. Roman Forum history is one of the best examples of human society. It was used for many purposes such as political debates, religious ceremonies, and social

History of Pyramid of Djoser

The pyramid of Djoser, which is also known as the Step Pyramid, is one of the oldest stone buildings built in Egypt. This amazing structure is located in Memphis, Egypt, and was built around 27th century BC. According to findings, it was

Clementinum Baroque Library

Clementinum Baroque Library is one of the historical complexes located in Prague, Czech Republic. Throughout history, the complex served different purposes such as university, technical and national library. It was opened in 1722 and in

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