Project Blue Beam: The Wildest Conspiracy Theory of Our Time

Conspiracy theories are abundant, ranging from JFK’s assassination to flat Earth beliefs. Amidst these, one theory stands out as the wildest – Project Blue Beam.

The Genesis: Serge Monast and the Birth of Project Blue Beam

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Serge Monast, a Canadian journalist turned conspiracy theorist, introduced Project Blue Beam in the early ’90s. Fascinated by secret societies, Monast delved into the New World Order, laying the groundwork for this elaborate conspiracy.

Unraveling the New World Order Narrative

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Before Project Blue Beam, Monast explored New World Order theories, often entangled with anti-Semitic sentiments and fear of the Antichrist. Notably, figures like Alex Jones fueled similar theories, linking them to events like the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Project Blue Beam Unveiled: Monast’s Four-Step Plan

Step One: Rewriting History through Manmade Quakes

Monast proposed that NASA and the UN would fabricate earthquakes globally, unveiling fake artifacts discrediting traditional religions. The aim? To pave the way for their New Age religion.

Step Two: A Spectacular Space Show

Involving three-dimensional holographic projections, this stage would portray religious figures, culminating in the emergence of the Antichrist. Monast explained the convincing mechanism, intertwining artificial thought with natural thinking.

Step Three: Telepathic Electronic Two-Way Communication

Monast envisioned NASA using low-frequency radio waves and satellite rays for telepathic communication, influencing thoughts and preparing individuals for the final step.

Step Four: Chaos, Control, and New World Order

The grand finale involved stages like an impending alien invasion, convincing Christians of the Rapture, and deploying advanced technology to establish the New World Order.

Monast’s Legacy and Project Blue Beam’s Resurgence

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In 1996, Monast’s demise did not bury the theory. Internet propagation, particularly on platforms like GeoCities and, fueled its resurgence. Recent connections to UFO revelations have given it a modern twist.

Debunking Project Blue Beam: A Baseless Theory

While believers still exist, there’s no concrete evidence supporting Project Blue Beam. It capitalizes on layering doubt and fear, targeting those predisposed to conspiracy theories.

Conclusion: Project Blue Beam – A Tale of Imagination

In essence, Project Blue Beam remains a wild conspiracy theory lacking real evidence. It intertwines real-world events into a fantastical narrative, preying on the inclination of certain individuals towards conspiracy beliefs.

FAQs about Project Blue Beam

  1. Is there any evidence supporting Project Blue Beam? No, there is no concrete evidence supporting the theory.
  2. What inspired Serge Monast to create Project Blue Beam? Monast’s inspiration is speculated to be a mix of Star Trek and New World Order theories.
  3. How has Project Blue Beam evolved over time? The theory has resurged online, especially with modern UFO discussions, but its baseless nature persists.
  4. Were there any real-world consequences of Project Blue Beam? No, the theory remains a narrative without tangible impact.
  5. Why do people still believe in Project Blue Beam? Belief is often rooted in a desire for community superiority and a predisposition towards conspiracy theories.

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