Mel’s Hole Mystery: The Mysterious Claims of Mel Waters

The Intriguing Tale of Mel’s Hole Unearthed

In the twilight of February 21, 1997, the airwaves of Art Bell’s renowned radio show, Coast to Coast, crackled with an unprecedented revelation. A caller identifying himself as Mel Waters disclosed a bizarre account — a bottomless pit on his Kittitas County, Washington property with the uncanny ability to resurrect deceased animals. This marked the genesis of the enigmatic phenomenon later coined as Mel’s Hole.

A Radio Revelation

Art Bell, accustomed to supernatural tales, was captivated by Mel Waters’ extraordinary claims. Waters, supposedly a local, described a pit defying conventional understanding, devoid of any official records. Investigations yielded no trace of Mel Waters or evidence of the mythical hole.

The Puzzling Properties Unveiled

Waters, undeterred by skepticism, continued his calls until 2002, narrating increasingly fantastical stories. He asserted the pit’s depth using a Lifesavers experiment and unveiled peculiarities — an echoless void, animals shunning the site, and a mysterious black beam. Strangest of all, objects transformed near the pit, and deceased creatures allegedly revived.

The Deepening Mysteries of Mel’s Hole

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Mel Waters’ credibility waned as his narratives spiraled into the surreal. He claimed government intervention, disappearance of his wife, and erasure of his land from satellite imagery. Another purported hole in Nevada mirrored the supernatural properties, involving burning ice and a bizarre creature emerging from a dead sheep.

The Unsettling Final Call

In his last call in December 2002, Waters spoke of government interference, confiscated burning ice, and a persistent sense of being followed. He warned of dangers tied to the creature, leaving listeners on a chilling note. This marked the conclusion of Mel Waters’ cryptic disclosures.

The Quest for the Unseen Abyss

Mel Waters was not alone in advocating for Mel’s Hole. Red Elk, a Kittitas Valley intertribal Shaman, claimed prior visits dating back to 1961, positing the pit as an entrance to a government facility and a hub for extraterrestrial activity. Despite attempts by believers to locate the hole, including a 2002 expedition, its elusive nature persisted.

Local Echoes of the Abyss

Rumors of a mysterious hole in Kittitas County predate Mel Waters’ revelations. Locals recount encounters with deep, soundless voids akin to Mel’s Hole, fueling speculations about the pit’s existence.

Debunking the Unfathomable

Geologist Jack Powell of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources dismissed the feasibility of Mel’s Hole. The alleged depth of 80,000 feet defied geological principles, leading Powell to posit that the inspiration behind the tale might be an abandoned gold mine shaft.

Aftermath: Headaches and Vanishing Files

The aftermath of Mel Waters’ calls left Ellensburg Public Library historian Milton Wagy fielding an onslaught of inquiries. The library’s file on Mel’s Hole mysteriously vanished, adding an eerie layer to the saga.

Concluding the Odyssey: To Seek or Avoid?

Red Elk, steadfast in his belief, warns against pursuing the hole, asserting government possession and off-limits status. Mel Waters’ silence since 2002 leaves the question open — did the government intervene, or was Mel Waters a storyteller of extraordinary talent?


Is Mel’s Hole real?

The existence of Mel’s Hole remains unproven, with skeptics dismissing it as a fanciful tale.

What happened to Mel Waters?

Mel Waters’ whereabouts remain unknown since his last call in 2002, fueling speculations about his fate.

Did the government intervene in Mel’s Hole?

Mel Waters claimed government involvement, but concrete evidence is lacking, adding to the mystery.

Why did Red Elk stop giving interviews about Mel’s Hole?

Red Elk, a believer, ceased interviews, cautioning against seeking the hole and citing media misrepresentation.

Is there any scientific basis for Mel’s Hole?

Geologist Jack Powell debunked the alleged depth, suggesting a mundane explanation for the inspiration behind the story.

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