Captain Tim Lancaster’s Extraordinary Journey

In the annals of aviation history, few stories are as jaw-dropping as the incredible saga of British Airways pilot Captain Tim Lancaster. On that fateful day, June 20, 1990, he embarked on a routine flight from Birmingham to Malaga, completely unaware that he was about to face a perilous ordeal that would challenge the very essence of his existence. Fasten your seatbelts, dear readers, as we delve into the extraordinary career and survival of Captain Tim Lancaster.

A Routine Flight Takes a Terrifying Turn

The day began just like any other for Captain Tim Lancaster. With over 11,000 flight hours under his belt, including 1,075 hours on the BAC One-Eleven type, he was a seasoned professional. His co-pilot, 39-year-old Alastair Atchison, was equally experienced, with more than 7,500 flight hours, 1,100 of which were on the BAC One-Eleven.

However, fate had a different plan for them. A mere 13 minutes into the flight, at 8.20 am, as the plane reached an altitude of 17,300 feet over Didcot, Oxfordshire, the unthinkable happened. The cockpit window shattered, creating a deafening explosion.

A Harrowing Escape

The sheer force of the blast sent Captain Tim Lancaster hurtling out of the cockpit window. It was a scene straight out of a nightmare. Nigel Ogden, a brave cabin crew member, was in the cockpit when this catastrophic event unfolded. Acting instinctively, he clung onto the pilot’s ankles, preventing him from being sucked out completely.

Nigel described the horrifying moment, saying, “There was an enormous explosion. I whipped around and saw the front windscreen had disappeared, and Tim, the pilot, was going out through it – he had been sucked out of his seat belt, and all I could see were his legs.”

In this life-and-death struggle, Nigel’s determination and courage were matched only by the perilous situation. The autopilot disengaged, causing the plane to descend rapidly, as Tim’s body was bent and flung around the aircraft.

A Race Against Time

Believing he was about to lose his grip on Tim, a second flight attendant, John Heward, rushed to the scene and managed to secure Tim’s belt. The situation was dire. Had they lost Tim through the shattered window, not only would the captain have perished, but the damage to the aircraft would have been catastrophic.

Co-pilot Alistair Atchison took command of the plane, guiding it into an emergency descent. Debris filled the cockpit, making the situation even more chaotic. Alistair’s quick thinking and leadership saved not only Tim but also the passengers and crew on board.

The Miraculous Landing

Despite the daunting challenges they faced, Alistair Atchison and the crew managed to prepare for an emergency landing. With their colleagues still holding onto Tim through the shattered window, the plane landed safely at Southampton Airport at 8.55 am.

Tim was rushed to the hospital, miraculously alive, though he had sustained numerous fractures, bruising, and frostbite. Astonishingly, all the passengers on the flight emerged unharmed.

The Aftermath: Heroes Recognized

The aftermath of this incredible incident saw the heroic crew receive well-deserved recognition for their exceptional bravery. Alistair Atchison, along with flight attendants Susan Gibbins and Nigel Ogden, was awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air. Additionally, Alistair received the prestigious Polaris Award in 1992 for his remarkable courage.

A Remarkable Return to the Skies

Captain Tim Lancaster’s indomitable spirit shone through. Remarkably, just five months after the incident, he was back in the cockpit, continuing his career with British Airways until 2003. Afterward, he piloted for Jet2 and retired on his 65th birthday in June 2015.

As for the ill-fated plane, it remained in service with British Airways for three more years before being sold to Romanian airline Jaro International in 1993. Jaro International operated the aircraft until ceasing operations in 2001, and it was eventually scrapped in 2002.


The story of Captain Tim Lancaster’s survival after being sucked out of a plane window is a testament to the power of human resilience and the unwavering dedication of aviation professionals. It’s a tale of heroism, quick thinking, and miraculous survival that continues to inspire. Captain Tim’s incredible journey from the brink of disaster back into the skies is a testament to the human spirit’s unyielding strength.

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