10 Fascinating historical Photographs that Could Alter your Perception of the Past

Joyce McKinney, a former beauty queen and winner of Miss Wyoming, is being arrested by the police.

Dr. Religa monitors his patient’s vital signs following a successful 23-hour heart transplant. Meanwhile, his assistant sleeps in the corner. This event occurred in 1987.

Around 1899, Annie Oakley, the sharpshooter, skillfully shoots over her shoulder using a hand mirror.

In 1932, a man who is unemployed holds a distressing sign during the Great Depression.

A Chinese woman, whose feet were bound since childhood, is depicted in a photo from the late 1800s.

A genuine friend is captured in a photo taken at a New York bus terminal just before they departed for the deteriorating situation in the Pacific in 1941.

In 1963, wives bid farewell to their loved ones in the Navy.

In 1937, a Northumbrian miner sits down to eat his evening meal.

Around 1930 in Chicago, the last four couples remain in a dance marathon.

The Microsoft Staff, 1978

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