Unsolved Mysteries of the Mona Lisa

Unsolved Mysteries of the Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is one of the most important paintings and most famous works of Leonardo Da Vinci. Without a doubt, it will be in the top three choices of every art expert. However, there are still mysteries about the Mona Lisa painting, which we cannot give any meaning to.

If you would like to learn more about this famous painting and its mysteries, then this guide is for you. In the following sections, we have provided detailed information and the mysteries of the Mona Lisa. We highly encourage you to check them all!

Mona Lisa Was an Ill Person

Mona Lisa was an ill person who was suffering from hypothyroidism during the painting. This was an unknown fact until a Boston doctor diagnosed her while he was admiring the painting. Her swollen hands and the lump on her neck are some of the symptoms.

It Was Stolen in 1911

The Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911 by an Italian worker. It took two years for officials to find the painting again. It was stolen by Vincenzo Perugia, and he was caught when he contacted the Italian government and requested reimbursement. According to him, his sole intention was to bring the painting to where it belonged.

Everyone Perceives Her Beautiful

Believe it or not, everyone admires Mona Lisa. This is because Leonardo da Vinci managed to reflect the golden ratio perfectly in the painting. He also noted that he managed to achieve the divine proportion in the painting.

She Was Pregnant While Being Painted

Have you ever wondered why Mona Lisa crossed over her arms on her stomach? This is because she was pregnant while Leonardo da Vinci was painting him. Of course, this is just an assumption that most art experts believe. Considering her extra weight, this may be true as well.

There Is a Hidden Painting Under Mona Lisa

In 2006, researchers noticed that Leonardo da Vinci changed the sketch while painting. In addition to this, in 2015, it was found that there was another painting on the canvas while Leonardo da Vinci was working on the painting. The mystery is still unsolved, and research is going on.

She Follows You in the Rooms

One of the biggest mysteries about the Mona Lisa painting is that she follows you with her glaze no matter where you go in the room. This is one of the interesting mysteries about the painting. Needless to say, this is also the most popular fact.

There Is an Unknown Bridge in the Painting

If you look closely at the back of the right shoulder of the Mona Lisa, you are going to notice a bridge in the background. Today, the mystery of this bridge is still unsolved, and no similar bridge was found in the world.

Da Vinci Left Secret Codes in the Painting

Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci left hidden letters on the painting? For example, on the right eye of the Mona Lisa, there are LV letters. Experts believe that this is the signature of Leonardo da Vinci. However, there is also B, 72, L, CE, and 2 letters and numbers on the painting, which remained unsolved.

Her Smile Changes Depending on Your Angle

Many experts discuss the feeling of the Mona Lisa. Some believe that she is smiling, while others believe that she is not. Although the majority of the experts believe that she is smiling, this depends on the angle you are looking for the portrait.

Is She a Real Person?

She is a real person, but her real identity is still a mystery. However, most experts believe that Lisa Maria de Gherardini, who was a 24-year-old noblewoman that was living in Florence. However, some believe that she is Caterina Sforza too.

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