Symbols of Augustus of Prima Porta

Augustus of Prima Porta

Augustus of Prima Porta is the sculpture of Augustus Ceasar, the first Roman Empire Emperor. The sculpture is 2.08 meters tall and weighs around 1000 kilograms. Although the artist who sculpted the sculpture is unknown, it was sculpted during the first century. It was discovered in 1863 in the villa of Augustus’ last wife. In addition to its amazing and realistic style, there are many hidden symbols available on Augustus of Prima Porta. In this article, we are going to discuss some of these symbols, which we believe, they will provide a better understanding of the history and purpose of the sculpture.

Cupid and Dolphin of Augustus of Prima Porta

Without a doubt, the posture and body language of Augustus of Prima Porta depicts the superior military skills and glory of Augustus. However, there are many other hidden messages you need to know such as the cupid and dolphin he is riding. According to experts, the dolphin symbolizes the great naval victory of the emperor. This victory is also the main reason how Augustus became the emperor. In addition to this, the cupid, son of Venus, symbolizes that Augustus is descended from the gods. It will be worth noting that the adoptive father of Augustus was Julius Caesar, who was believed to be descended from Venus.

Breastplate of Augustus of Prima Porta

Another important detail on Augustus of Prima Porta is the breastplate. Just like many other details, this one also includes many messages with the depictions available on it. Although there are many debates about the true meaning of these depictions, many experts claim that gods are on the side of Augustus. All the depictions on the breastplate are related to the military to emphasize his great skills on the battlefield and his victories. Some details symbolize the Pax Romana, which means Roman Peace.

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