Ryan Dunn Death Crash Tragedy – The Untold Story


Around 3 a.m. on June 20, 2011, Ryan Dunn’s life came to a sudden and tragic end. The beloved star of “Jackass” crashed his Porsche into a guardrail in West Goshen Township, Pennsylvania. The vehicle then burst into flames in the nearby woods, leaving countless fans and friends mourning his untimely death.

Ryan Dunn’s Legacy in “Jackass”

A Star is Born

Ryan Dunn, known for his fearless and often outrageous stunts, was a cornerstone of the “Jackass” crew. His antics, alongside close friend Bam Margera, captivated audiences worldwide. Dunn’s journey to stardom began with the release of the daredevil video series CKY in 1999, which laid the groundwork for the “Jackass” franchise.

The Phenomenon of “Jackass”

When “Jackass” premiered on MTV in October 2000, it quickly became a cultural phenomenon. The show’s blend of extreme stunts and camaraderie among its cast members resonated deeply with fans. Dunn and Margera’s mischief, fueled by their genuine friendship, was the beating heart of the series.

The Night of the Tragedy

A Night Out at Barnaby’s

Dunn at the Jackass 3D London premiere in November 2010. Source: Wikipedia

On the fateful night of June 20, 2011, Ryan Dunn was out drinking at Barnaby’s West Chester bar. Alongside him was Zachary Hartwell, a production assistant and Iraq War veteran. The two left the bar in Dunn’s Porsche, unaware of the impending disaster.

The Fatal Crash

Dunn’s car, traveling at a staggering 130 miles per hour, veered off Route 322 and crashed into a guardrail. The vehicle was torn apart on impact and quickly engulfed in flames. Both Dunn and Hartwell perished in the crash, leaving a void in the lives of those who knew and loved them.

The Aftermath

A Scene of Devastation

West Goshen Police Chief Michael Carroll described the scene as the worst he had ever encountered. The car was unrecognizable, and the devastation was immense. The fiery crash left behind charred remnants, with Dunn’s body so badly burned that identification had to be made through his tattoos and hair.

The Shocking Toxicology Report

The autopsy revealed that Dunn had a blood-alcohol concentration of .196, more than twice the legal limit. This revelation shocked those close to Dunn, as he did not appear visibly intoxicated that night. The loss was profound, particularly for Bam Margera, who visited the crash site in a state of disbelief.

Ryan Dunn’s Early Life

Growing Up in Pennsylvania

Born on June 11, 1977, in Medina, Ohio, Ryan Dunn’s family eventually settled in West Chester, Pennsylvania. It was here, on his first day of high school, that he met Bam Margera. The two quickly formed a bond, finding a shared love for skateboarding, pranks, and wild stunts.

The Birth of CKY

In West Chester, Dunn and Margera started recording their antics, which led to the creation of CKY (Camp Kill Yourself). These videos showcased their daring stunts and crude humor, eventually catching the eye of Johnny Knoxville, who incorporated them into the “Jackass” series.

The Rise and Fall of a “Jackass” Star

Stuntman Extraordinaire

As “Jackass” gained popularity, Dunn’s reputation for taking on the most dangerous stunts grew. His fearless approach earned him the nickname “Random Hero.” Despite numerous injuries and brushes with death, Dunn continued to push the limits.

Personal Struggles

Behind the scenes, Dunn faced numerous challenges. A serious injury during the filming of “Jackass Number Two” in 2006 resulted in a potentially fatal blood clot. Additionally, he struggled with Lyme disease and depression, leading to a period of isolation from his friends.

A Final Return to the Spotlight

Rejoining the “Jackass” Crew

After a hiatus, Dunn returned for “Jackass 3D” in 2010, seemingly in good spirits. The reunion was short-lived, however, as his life was cut tragically short just a year later.

The Impact of His Death

Roadside memorials left at the crash site. Source: Wikipedia

The death of Ryan Dunn cast a dark shadow over the “Jackass” franchise. His passing was a harsh reminder of the dangers associated with their extreme lifestyle. Fans and friends alike were left to grapple with the sudden loss of a beloved figure.

A Tribute to Ryan Dunn

Remembering the Good Times

Those who knew Dunn remember him for his infectious spirit and boundless talent. His ability to make people laugh, even in the face of danger, was unparalleled. He left behind a legacy of laughter and camaraderie that continues to resonate with fans.

A Legacy of Laughter

Despite the tragedy, Dunn’s influence on popular culture remains. “Jackass” paved the way for a new genre of entertainment, and Dunn’s contributions were instrumental in its success. His fearless approach to life inspired many to embrace their own sense of adventure.


Ryan Dunn’s death was a profound loss for his friends, family, and fans. His legacy, however, lives on through the laughter and joy he brought to so many. The story of his life and untimely death serves as a poignant reminder of the fleeting nature of life and the enduring impact one person can have on the world.

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