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Orient Express Offers Deluxe and Historical Train Trip

Have you heard of the Orient Express before? Luxury trains were way popular before the invention of business class flights and private jets. If you believe that traveling by a luxurious train is old-fashioned, we assure you that it is more popular than ever. People even pay about $2,300 fee for a one-night trip!

Of course, when luxury train trips are in question, most people will think of Orient Express. This historic luxurious train is one of the most notable companies in the world. Today, it is known as Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and the $2,300 ticket fee is just for the shortest route you can take.

The train is owned by a Belmond, and you need to pay this ticket fee just to travel from Florence to Paris. Despite its highly expensive ticket prices for a train trip, the train is almost full. In fact, the revenue of the Orient Express increased by 70% in 2019 compared to the revenue in 2015.

The popularity of Orient Express is increasing every passing day and more travelers prefer its historical routes. All tourism experts believe that the demand will keep increasing in the following years.

History of Orient Express

Image Source: Jules Chéret, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Today, express is serving its guests with 2 staff cars, 1 bar car, 3 restaurant cars, and 11 sleeping cars. With all these carriages, Orient Express earns the title of being the longest passenger train in all of Europe. Needless to say, all these carriages are also the original carriages.

Orient Express started to serve in 1883 and it used to have a very long route, which starts in Paris and ends in Istanbul. Even in those days, Orient Express was one of the iconic and luxurious train trips. The train even served during World War I and World War II by increasing the number of cities it visits in Europe.

Over time, the popularity of Orient Express faded, and eventually, it stopped serving. Belmond’s founder James Sherwood managed to buy some of the carriages at an auction in the 1970s. In 1982, he restored the carriages and let Orient Express start to operate again as Venice Simplon- Orient Express.

Routes of the Express

Image Source: MissMJ, CC BY-SA 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Orient Express stopped operating for 18 months and started to serve in June. In this relaunch, new routes in Europe were also announced. The train used to visit Venice, Paris, and London. However, now, it also visits Florence, Rome, Geneva, Brussels, and Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam destination is highly popular and all the tickets for 2022 are already sold out. New routes were not the only additions to the service of the express. During the closure, three new grand suites were also added to the train, and this increased the number of suites to six.

These are designed for two passengers and offer lounge areas, bedrooms, and a private bathroom. Private bathrooms are equipped with eye-pleasing details such as hand-blown Italian glass and marble. It is worth noting that the cost of grand suites starts from $7,200 for each passenger for short trips.

As the popularity of the special-occasion travel trend is increasing, experts anticipate that the prices of Orient Express will increase in the following years. Needless to say, it will be much more challenging to find a vacancy in its trips too.

Why Should You Buy a Ticket?

The reason why Orient Express is always full is it offers a great combination of opulence, mystique, and history to its passengers. Thus, it offers a unique travel experience, which you cannot experience anywhere.

People pay high prices, not for the travel but for the experience. If you love traveling, you may not want to miss your chance to enjoy this experience at least once in your lifetime. Most trip to the express last only one night but there are also longer trips such as the iconic Paris to Istanbul trip. It is the original and historic route, which takes five nights.

It is worth noting that the express travels this route only once a year and it takes place in August. Considering that all the tickets are usually sold out from the previous year, you may want to book your seat right now for 2023.

If you prefer this iconic route, you will have to pay $47,650 per person for twin cabins and $150,000 for grand suites. Another important detail you need to know prices on the train are expensive as well.

Moreover, in general, a train of Orient Express size usually has 2,000 passengers but you will be traveling with only 120 passengers. These days luxurious spending is quite trendy and Orient Express is one of the best examples of this trend. However, unlike other trends, the express will be worth every penny you are going to pay for it.

It is one of the most authentic experiences, especially for people who love to travel, and we highly recommend booking your trip on Orient Express as soon as possible.

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