Mary Vincent’s Survival Story: Overcoming Tragedy and Finding Strength

In September 1978, Mary Vincent, a 15-year-old runaway, embarked on a journey to visit her grandfather in California. Little did she know that accepting a ride from Lawrence Singleton would lead to a horrifying ordeal that changed her life forever.

A Fateful Encounter with Lawrence Singleton

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Mary Vincent, originally from Las Vegas, found herself alone in California after her boyfriend’s arrest. Seeking to reach her grandfather in Corona, she hitchhiked and encountered Lawrence Singleton, a seemingly friendly older man who offered her a ride.

A Nightmare Unfolds

However, what started as a simple ride turned into a nightmare. Singleton’s demeanor quickly shifted, and he assaulted, raped, and mutilated Mary Vincent, leaving her for dead in the Del Puerto Canyon.

Against All Odds: Mary’s Miraculous Survival

Despite her grievous injuries, Mary Vincent miraculously survived, crawling three miles to seek help. Her resilience and determination led to her rescue and subsequent medical treatment, including surgery and therapy to adjust to life with prosthetic arms.

Seeking Justice and Rebuilding Life

Mary Vincent, pictured wearing prosthetic limbs in 1979.

Mary Vincent’s courage extended beyond survival. She bravely testified against Singleton, leading to his conviction for rape, kidnapping, and attempted murder. Despite his eventual release, she persevered, founding the Mary Vincent Foundation to support fellow survivors of violent crimes.

Tragedy Strikes Again: The Murder of Roxanne Hayes

Singleton’s reign of terror didn’t end with Mary Vincent. In 1997, he brutally murdered Roxanne Hayes in Florida, leading to his eventual death row sentencing.

Finding Healing Through Art and Advocacy

Despite enduring unimaginable trauma, Mary Vincent found solace in art, using her creativity to cope and inspire others. Her journey from victim to survivor exemplifies resilience and the power of the human spirit.

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