Introducing Shanidar Z, a 40-Year-Old Neanderthal Woman Who Lived 75,000 Years Ago

Eons past, in the shrouded recesses of an ancient grotto, lay the remains of Shanidar Z, a Neanderthal woman who met her demise 75 millennia ago. At the cusp of her fifth decade, her existence has been painstakingly resurrected by scientific endeavors.

The year 2018 saw the discovery of this remarkable relic in the cavernous depths of Iraqi Kurdistan. Dubbed Shanidar Z, this moniker pays homage to her final resting place.

In a quest to unravel the mysteries of Neanderthal morphology, researchers dedicated nine months to the intricate task of reconstructing her skull, meticulously assembling 200 fragmented bones.

Key Insights

  • Antiquity and Locale: Shanidar Z, a Neanderthal woman, thrived 75,000 years ago and was entombed in Iraqi Kurdistan.
  • Reconstruction Effort: Her skull was reassembled from 200 bone fragments over a nine-month period.
  • Age at Demise: She is estimated to have perished in her mid-40s.

Dr. Emma Pomeroy, a paleoanthropologist and associate professor at the University of Cambridge’s archaeology department, who was instrumental in unearthing Shanidar Z, remarked, “There is some artistic license there, but at the heart of it is the real skull and real data on what we know about (these) people.”

The cranium, likely crushed post-mortem by rockfall, presented a formidable challenge akin to solving a “high-stakes 3D jigsaw puzzle,” according to Pomeroy.

For over 300,000 years, Neanderthals roamed Europe, the Middle East, and the Central Asian highlands, their timeline intersecting with Homo sapiens for approximately 30 millennia. During this epoch, both species intermingled and interbred, as substantiated by archaeological evidence.

Shanidar Z’s skull reconstruction features in the Netflix documentary “Secrets of the Neanderthals,” a BBC production. Dr. Pomeroy, featured in the film, noted, “She’s actually got quite a large face for her size,” further describing her pronounced brow ridges as an anatomical peculiarity that, if clothed in modern attire, might go unnoticed.

Unlike Homo sapiens, Neanderthals bore no chins, an anatomical distinction highlighted by the paleoanthropologist.

At the excavation juncture, Shanidar Z’s gender remained undetermined due to the absence of pelvic bones. However, subsequent analysis of tooth enamel proteins confirmed her female identity. Her dentition and skeletal wear suggest she lived into her mid-40s.

Dr. Pomeroy cautioned, “It’s a reasonable estimate, but we can’t be 100% sure, actually, that they weren’t older,” underscoring the significance of her longevity in Neanderthal society, likely correlating with accrued wisdom and societal importance.

Shanidar Z’s stature was estimated at approximately 5 feet (1.5 meters) by comparing her arm bones with contemporary human data. Her discovery marks the first Neanderthal find in Shanidar Cave in over five decades.

Contrary to the brutish stereotype, findings at Shanidar Cave indicate that Neanderthals interred their dead with care. Artifacts such as decorative shells and red ochre pigment imply a capacity for symbolic expression previously attributed solely to modern humans.

The laborious excavation and analysis process saw Shanidar Z’s skeletal fragments hardened with a consolidant, meticulously extracted in sediment blocks, and transported to the University of Cambridge. There, micro-CT scans facilitated the precise reassembly of her skull by Dr. Lucía López-Polín.

The reconstructed cranium was then scanned and 3D-printed, culminating in a facial recreation by distinguished paleoartists Adrie and Alfons Kennis.

As Dr. Pomeroy elucidated, this reconstruction endeavors to “bridge that gap between anatomy and 75,000 years of time,” celebrating the remarkable achievement of the dedicated research team.

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