Clementinum Baroque Library

Clementinum Baroque Library is one of the historical complexes located in Prague, Czech Republic. Throughout history, the complex served different purposes such as university, technical and national library. It was opened in 1722 and in those times, it was only a part of the university. Today, it has more than 20.000 theological literature sources. The oldest source dates back to the 17th century. The Czech Republic separated the library in 2009 and moved the municipal and technical libraries to another building. Clementinum Baroque Library is famous for red marked and white spined books, which were in there since it was founded.

Design of Clementinum Baroque Library

Besides its rich history, Clementinum Baroque Library is also famous for its interior design. It is considered one of the best examples of Baroque Epoque. You can find many amazing frescos, which are all about education motives. Moreover, you can also find astronomical clocks and original globes. In addition to books, globes, and clocks, you can also find furniture that reflects the baroque style. It will be worth noting that Clementinum Baroque Library has remained intact since the 1700s. Although most of the parts are closed for public visits, you can simply experience time-traveling by visiting its available areas.

Why Should You Visit Clementinum Baroque Library?

If you are going to visit the Czech Republic soon, then taking Clementinum Baroque Library into your visit list is a great idea. You may not want to miss the chance to visit one of the most important libraries in the world. It is a great chance for you to experience the history and witness a great source of information. Moreover, you are going to enjoy the finest example of baroque style, which was one of the dominant styles in Europe back in the time. You can buy a ticket for the tour, which is available every 30 minutes to enjoy this trip.

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