Cats & Archaeology: 10 Archaeological Photos Involving Cats

Cats have left their paw prints on the sands of time, quite literally, as evidenced by their significant presence in archaeological discoveries around the world. From ancient Egypt to medieval Europe, feline companions have accompanied humans throughout history, often playing multifaceted roles in society. In archaeological digs, their remains have been unearthed alongside human artifacts, showcasing the deep bond between humans and cats through the ages. These archaeological finds not only shed light on the domestication and cultural significance of cats but also offer a glimpse into the daily lives of ancient civilizations.

#1 Cat chilling on the legs of the statue

#2 A millennia-old tablet with a cat paw

#3 The magnificent mosaic of cats

#4 Cats were famous in ancient Egypt too

#5 Another cat paw

#6 Grumpy cat resting in an ancient city

#7 A hunting cat with a surprised face thousands of years ago

#8 A big cat paw from archaeological discoveries

#9 Mummified Cats

#10 A cat leaves paw prints on an ancient book

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