Best Archeological Museums in the USA

If you are planning to visit the United States soon and looking for some archeological museums in the USA to visit, then this guide is for you. We have compiled some of the 5 best museums in the country for you. We picked one museum from 5 states. Thus, you can pick any of the following, which is closer to your destination, and visit it.

Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum (Maryland)

Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum - Best Archeological Museums in the USA

Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum in the USA is located in Baltimore Maryland and offers a wide range of objects to its visitors. It was founded in 1882 and renewed in 2010. You are going to find more than 7000 objects from different cultures such as ancient America, Rome, Near East, Egypt, and Greece.

New Jersey State Museum (New Jersey)

New Jersey State Museum

Here is another amazing archeological museum in the USA that you need to visit. The museum includes more than 2.4 million historic and prehistoric specimens. It took about a hundred years to collect and exhibit this collection.

Pamunkey Indian Tribe Museum (Virginia)

Pamunkey Indian Tribe Museum - Best Archeological Museums in the USA

If you are interested in Indian culture and history, then Pamunkey Indian Tribe Museum in the USA will be your favorite. It is one of the most comprehensive museums in the world, which focuses on a single culture. You are going to witness the history and way of life of the Pamunkey tribe.

Center for American Archeology (Illinois)

Center for American Archeology

Here is a great museum you can visit in case you would like to learn more about prehistoric Native Americans. This archeological museum in the USA is one of the must-visit areas for any tourist. You can witness the evidence of 7000 years old human habitation in Center for American Archeology.

Western Science Center (California)

Western Science Center

Without a doubt, Western Science Center is one of the most popular archeological museums in the USA. In addition to Native Americans, you will also witness Ice Age fossils and the largest mastodon ever discovered.

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