Archaeologists In Panama Discover 1,300-Year-Old Tomb Of A Man Buried On Top Of Woman Covered By Gold

A momentous revelation has emerged from the depths of El Caño Archaeological Park in Panama’s Coclé province, as diligent archaeologists unearthed a pre-Hispanic tomb shrouded in mysteries. Within this cryptic burial, a man rests face-down atop a woman, a practice resonating with the burial customs of the era.

Ministerio de Cultura de PanamáAlongside a multitude of skeletal remnants, the tomb revealed an opulent array of treasures.

The archaeological odyssey commenced in 2022, a part of an ambitious initiative to develop El Caño Archaeological Park. Known as Tomb No. 9, this sepulcher cradled a wealth of artifacts meant to accompany the departed into the afterlife. The inventory reads like a relic symphony – five pectorals, two belts woven from golden beads, four bracelets, earrings fashioned in the likeness of man and woman, a “double crocodile” earring, a necklace strung with small circular beads, earrings crafted from sperm whale teeth adorned with gold covers, circular gold plates, a pair of bells, bracelets, and skirts ingeniously fashioned from dog teeth, and a set of bone flutes.

C: Ministerio de Cultura de Panamá

Dr. Julia Mayo, luminary director of the El Caño Foundation spearheading the excavation, posited in a press release that this trove likely belonged to an esteemed male from the pre-Hispanic chiefdom of the Río Grande. Amidst this splendor, two life stories unfolded – a male and a female entwined in a post-mortem embrace. Dr. Mayo illuminates that the male’s remains were meticulously laid face-down atop the female, a ritualistic act emblematic of this ancient society. While the excavation continues, whispers of several sacrificial companions echo within the tomb, offering their spectral company to the lord in the beyond.

C: Ministerio de Cultura de Panamá

The Enigmatic Traditions of Panamanian Burials

Constructed around 700 C.E. and deserted by 1000 C.E., El Caño stands as a necropolis dedicated to funerary rites. Besides the sepulchers, the site boasts stoic stone monoliths and a ceremonial precinct featuring wooden edifices. Tomb No. 9 claims significance as a crucible of “multiple and simultaneous burials,” an enigmatic phenomenon entailing the co-burial of numerous individuals within the same sarcophagus. The exact tally of interred souls remains elusive, yet projections suggest the lord’s companionship transcends 7 to 31 souls, bound in sacrifice to accompany him in the afterlife. With each layer unearthed, archaeologists anticipate revelations unraveling the intricate tapestry of pre-Hispanic Panama’s elite echelons.

C: Ministerio de Cultura de Panamá

As we immerse ourselves in this Panamanian cryptic saga, delve into the annals of human sacrifice in pre-Columbian America. Then, traverse the narrative realms of the Lovers of Valdaro, Stone-Age skeletons locked eternally in a romantic embrace.

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