700 Years of Unsolved Murder: The Bocksten Man

The Bocksten Man: 700 Years of Unsolved Murder

There have been many murders in history and many of them have been solved. One of the unexplained murders is the murder of Bocksten Adam. A remarkable murder in which a young man named Bocksten Adam was killed for no reason and his body was tried to be destroyed. Who are the culprits of the murder of the Bocksten Man, which has been unexplained for centuries, and why was this murder committed?

Who is the Bocksten Man?

The Bocksten Man lived in the 14th century and when his body was found, he was thought to be one of the upper class people of his time with his long hair, hair style and clothes (tunic, cloak, hood, leather shoes) at the age of 30 – 35. As a result of the researches, it is thought that the work he was doing at that time was someone who collected soldiers or someone who collected taxes.

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How Was the Man’s Body Discovered?

This is actually one of the strangest parts of this story. Bocksten Adam lived in the 14th century and died in that period. But his body was found in the 20th century, almost 700 years later. Discovered in 1936, the body was found in a swamp. The way the body was placed in the swamp was quite different. Iron plates used for roofing material were nailed to the chest of the corpse and thrown into the swamp. The iron plates they had stuck in the chest were made to prevent the body from floating to the surface of the swamp. After the discovery of the body, it was determined that this person had lived hundreds of years ago and so it was taken to the Varberg Museum for examination. As a result of the research, it was determined that this body was Bocksten Adam, who died at a young age.

The Body And Clothes Were Well Preserved Due To The Swamp

One of the most important features that distinguishes the Bocksten Man corpse from other corpses is that the body and his clothes were well preserved due to the swamp. Bocksten’s clothes were from the Middle Ages in Europe. These clothes played a major role in proving the period in which the Bocksten Man lived. When the body was found, he was wearing a tunic, cloak (mantle), hood, leather shoes, leather belt and a knife. Although the clothes pointed to the period in which this person lived, they were later sent back for further examination. Because of his clothes, he was identified as a member of the upper classes of society at the time.

How Did the Bocksten Man Die?

After the examinations of the experts on the body, it was understood that he died with 3 blows to the head. Looking at the crime tools at the time, it is estimated that these blows were made with a gun or a pole. Some of these blows hit the lower part of his body and some hit the place behind his ear, and it is thought that the blow that caused his death was the blow behind his ear. Some researchers say that the Bocksten Man was not murdered, but died a natural death, and that the blows could have occurred while the body was decomposing.

If it was a murder ( which we think it was), the researchers are focusing on 2 reasons. As we explained above, the researchers think that the Bocksten Man could have been one of the two jobs mentioned. If the Bocksten Man was a recruiter, it is possible that he was killed because of his job. Another is that he was a tax collector. Since people who collect taxes can have problems with society, if this is the profession of the Bocskten Man, this may be why he was killed. The iron plates embedded in the chest of the corpse at the time of discovery are seen as the most likely motive for the murder.

Have they found the people who did the Bocksten Man murder?

Another reason that makes this murder famous is exactly this. Although the body is from the 14th century, it was found in the 20th century and the culprits of this crime could not be identified after the body was found. Of course, the biggest effect of this is that the body was found about 700 years later. Since there is a lot of time passed, it seems very difficult to identify those who committed this murder.

700 Years of Unsolved Murder: The Bocksten Man
(Reconstruction of Bocksten Man by Oscar Nilsson) Image Source: Pinterest

Bocskten Man’s Face Revealed with 3D Studies

Using 3D technology, Bocksten Man’s face was created from the skull structure. Bocksten Man’s face, hair structure and clothes were integrated into this model. As a result of the studies, it was revealed that Bocksten Man was indeed a modern person according to that period.

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